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Bulk Liquid Storage

Flagons are the bulk carriers of the time. Liquids transported in large quantities were put into flagons.

The majority of flagons are the one gallon size but 2 and 4 gallon examples come to light, with even bigger examples known.

Acids, and similar liquids, were transported in flagons bound in wicker carriers for added protection.

Bottle closures are usually either of the cork or internal screw topped type, with a large carrying handle.

The examples are as follows -

Anderson of Worcester Salad cream.

Hunts of Great Yarmouth ginger beer flagon.

D.T. Lyle and Son lemonade

Mackintosh Brothers of Plumstead

Visol poultry disinfectant.

Lawrance and Sons

Alfred Clark wine & spirit merchant, Doncaster

I. T. & J Gaskarth Wine & Spirit merchant, Altrincham.

Lowe Son & Cobbold Wine & spirit merchant, Stamford

W. Thorpe Wine & spirit merchant, Bradford

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