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The photographs shown in these pages have been sent in by other collectors around the world, and range from a single photograph, to multiple photographs which I have had to split up into different sections to make them easier to navigate.

Photographs Wanted

Your photographs are always welcome. If you want your photographs adding to my web site, feel free to send them in. I will add them as soon as I can. Click on the "contact me" link on the front page for information on where to send them.

All photographs sent in have your name added for credits, unless you specifically ask for it not to be shown.

The links in the left column are to bottles sent in by the following collectors. Their names appear in alphabetical order-

Paul BARKER of Normandy, France has his own bottle museum !
Peter BLACKMORE of uk
Greg BRACE of Australia, Fish and Meat paste jars.
Bob BURNS of Preston UK. Wade Marmite Jar.
COLIN from Blackburn UK. Blackburn Items.
Paul CROCKER of Nova Scotia. Pot Lid.
Bob FRANKLIN collector of Franklin family linked items.
Simon FRANKLIN of the UK. Ginger Beer and Stouts.
Paula HARRIS of the UK. Various catagories of bottles.
HOUSE ( MARK ) of Somerset UK. Somerset Ginger Beers.
Andrew MCCARTNEY, of Gilligham in Kent, ginger beers and stout bottles.
ALBERTS PLUMBING of Ukiah Ca. USA. Whisky Jug.
Ron REID of Scotland. Various items Collected.
Peter ROBINSON of Aukland New Zealand. Mineral Patents.
Neil SINGH from XXXXX, collector of Black Glass
Grahame SMITH of Argentina. Hybrid Mineral Waters
Robert STORER of Clinton New Zealand. Jeyes Bottles.
Helen & Darren WILSON of the UK. Escravos Bottles

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