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bob franklin - collector of family related items

descendant of Franklin Bros Rickmansworth - see family links page

Bobs family manufactured and distributed soft drinks from 1886 to 1989 under the names Franklin Bros, and Franklin and Sons of Rickmansworth. He is keen to get hold of any bottles used by the family company. These include codds, hamiltons, flagons, enamels, internal screws, labeled, unlabelled, external capped, crown corked, in fact anything up to the day they closed.

Bob is collecting both to write a family history, and for the family to offer to a museum. He is interested in obtaining any Franklin bottles including the following - bottles large and small, glass [aqua, clear, black, brown, amber, green ] and stoneware. Any bottle type is required including Hamiltons, Codds, any patent bottles, champagne and crown cork with internal and external closures. Bottles can be both old, and modern, and come with, or without closures. Labeled bottles required. Bottle closures can include any of the following - wooden, stoneware, old black internal screw closures, and modern external plastic. Also required are flagons, jugs, pourers and advertising cards.

I have a small of number of bottles I could swap if required. Photos of some specific bottles and flagons I am interested in obtaining, together with those I have to swap for equivalent value are below. Please reply to R.Franklin 01296 622662 with answer phone, fax 696970 or email -


Bob has been in touch and I have now added the following 4 documents in PDF format-

Franklin's Soft Drinks in Rickmansworth 1886-1990 Article A (1.6Mb)

Franklin's Soft Drinks in Rickmansworth 1886-1990 Article B (1.7Mb)

The Mill in the High Street by R.J. Franklin (1.5 Mb)

Franklin bottle labels (0.5Mb)

click the links to download and read the PDF docs. Acrobat Reader required for this.
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  franklin hamiltons

Bottles LEFT

Top: Franklin Brothers 9 inch Hamilton bottle

Bottom: Franklin and Sons 7 inch Hamilton bottle


Bottles RIGHT

Left: Franklin Brothers 10oz Codd bottle

Right: Franklin & SOns 5 oz Codd bottle

franklin codd bottles  

Bottle LEFT

Frankin Brothers Barnett & Foster Eclipse Patent Codd bottle.


Bottle RIGHT

Franklin Brothers brown glass beer bottle embossed "1/2d deposit charged on this bottle". Bottle complete with Riley's patent internal screw chisel stopper

riley patent  
  franklin flagon

Bottle LEFT

Franklins home brewed ginger beer flagon. Bottle is 2 gallon size with original closure, tap , and carrying handle.


Bottle RIGHT

Franklins home brewed ginger beer flagon which replicates the standard size ginger beer bottle. The bottle comes complete with original wooden tap and closure. The flagon carries the STIFF of LONDON and LAMBETH stamp.

franklin flagon  
  franklin beers

Bottles LEFT

Assorted Franklin & Sons coloured beers in black, deep green, green, and light brown / amber glass. All bottles come with internal screw closures.


Bottles RIGHT

Assorted internal screw type mineral waters in green and aqua glass. All bottles with original internal screw stoppers.

franklin minerals